Cole Patterson

Cole was introduced to the entertainment industry while in Atlanta.  Cole started working as a creative director producing showcases for an aspiring artist.  Cole collaborated with directors and managers to help create conceptual ideas for music videos.  Cole helped develop an artist’s looks and oversaw artist development.  In 2001 Cole moved to Los Angeles with hopes of working in the film and television industry as a director.  She helped develop an artist’s looks and landed a job working with photographers as a makeup artist.  She gained notoriety as a makeup artist and joined Local 706 Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist Guild.

Working as a makeup artist Cole has been positioned to examine the film industry from various perspectives pertaining to the creative process in its totality.  Cole attended scriptwriting classes at UCLA and production courses at LA Valley College.  Cole immersed herself in directing while continuing to work as a makeup artist by shadowing director of TV & Film, Bryan Barber on several projects to prepare her directorial for her debut.

In 2004 Cole wrote and directed her first short film “Riding Mercedes” a silent film to pay homage to the silent era.  Riding Mercedes was about a woman with many vices that repeated the same day-to-day routine of drinking, smoking and partying expecting a different end result until she became older and complacent.  Cole has written and directed a teaser for “Dalilha” a film about a transsexual living as his twin sister who committed suicide.  She has also directed a music video for Madi Jo, a new independent artist.  Recently Cole has partnered with NFL Super Bowl Champion LaMarr Woodley to develop projects for The Big 10 Network and LeftField Pictures.   


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