Cole’s career began as a creative director coordinating and producing exclusive events for high profile clients in the music industry.  Cole continued in the entertainment industry exploring career opportunities leading her to pursue  makeup-artistry.  The self-taught makeup artist quickly made a name for herself as word travel from Atlanta to Los Angeles joining Local 706 Makeup Artist Union to work behind the scenes.  Cole gained recognition for her signature blending technique & natural application as one of the industry’s most sought after professionals for men’s grooming in Hollywood.  For more than a decade, Grammy Award-Winner music artist Usher Raymond depends on Cole’s expertise to maintain his grooming and flawless skin for his on camera appearances.

Cole’s collaborations with artists, directors, photographers and, writers have aided her natural talent to expand beyond makeup.  From the beginning Cole Patterson has  had her finger on the pulse in the entertainment industry. With years of experience as a celebrity makeup artist, she has been able to see the filmmaking process from start to finish behind the scenes. With an end game of becoming a director herself, Patterson decided to use her artistic talents as her gateway into the industry.  

As a female director, Cole Patterson has made it a personal mission to stand for women’s empowerment. Patterson hopes to diversity the film and television industry for women and minorities paving the way with confidence and a fresh eye. Patterson also takes time to volunteer regularly for the less fortunate in order to stay in tune with the outside world. Patterson says that this helps [her] find the most effective way to tell the best story creatively while working on set.

Patterson’s style of directing has been shaped and influenced by her real life experiences, both negative and positive, which she manipulates into an idealistic world that pushes the boundaries and invites viewers to challenge their own mentality and enjoy her unique point of view.